Mova World Globe 11.5cm Blue and Silver

Mova Globes

Mova World Globe

-Diameter at Widest Point 4.5 Inches or 11.5 cm.

-An eloquent design with blue oceans and metallic silver continents. Shown on the map are country names and borders. The world's most advanced globe, the MOVA world globe rotates silently and is inspired by the earth itself. It requires no power cords or batteries, only the natural light of your home or office. The MOVA globe rotates peacefully and silently using only the energy of room light , and the force of the earth's magnetic field. The drive includes a magnetic element that reacts with the earth's magnetic field, much as a common compass does, to provide torque to drive the globe. The globe rests on an acrylic stand which is included, alternative stands are available to purchase. These small globes are available in a variety of colours. This stylish design is perfect for the person who is hard to buy for!