Our Brand Story


Topglobe was founded by a group of geography enthusiasts who shared a passion for exploring the world and its cultures. They realised that there was a lack of quality globes and world maps available in the market that could help people understand the complexities of our planet.

Driven by their passion for geography, they decided to create their own line of globes that were accurate, beautiful, and informative. They scoured the world for the best cartographers, designers, and craftsmen who could help them create globes that could stand the test of time.

After years of research and development, Top Globe was born. Each globe is carefully crafted by hand, using the finest materials and the latest cartographic data. The company's commitment to quality and accuracy is evident in every product they create.

Topglobes are more than just beautiful objects. They are powerful tools for education, exploration, and inspiration. The company's mission is to help people understand the world and its diverse cultures, and to promote global awareness and understanding.

As Topglobe continues to grow, its founders remain committed to their original vision: to create the best globes in the world and to inspire people to explore and appreciate the wonders of our planet. The company's globes have become synonymous with quality, accuracy, and beauty, and are trusted by educators, students, and geography enthusiasts around the world.