Exerz 14cm Natural Cork Globe 12 Push Pins Included (Blue)


Exerz 14cm Natural Cork Globe

  • MARK YOUR DESTINATIONS: Exerz Cork Globe allows our customers to PINPOINT their desire locations by using push pins (included in the packaging). It can be used as capturing experiences of travelling, brainstorming a business idea, or planning a holiday. Simply mark your desired location, use the globe as your bulletin board, pinpoint and display, it is so easy to use.
  • SIZE AND MATERIAL: The size is 14cm diameter and 19cm height. NATURAL CORK is an eco-friendly material. It is not just looking stylish, but also hard-wearing, long-lasting. Even better, cork is a recyclable material. Stainless Steel Arc and base, very sturdy.
  • SHOW AND TELL: Locate the places with different coloured push pins, it could be somewhere you have been, or somewhere you would love to visit. If you are with a group, ask questions, discuss your findings, maybe also share your experiences and valuable memories.
  • EDUCATIONAL: This cork globe makes a beautiful display for office and home, but it is more than just a decoration piece. It works as an educational toy and educational tool in great detail. Grown-ups may lead, or choose to follow the kids’ amazing ideas. By using our globe, you and your little travellers may discover many geographical locations, continents, any capital cities you may be interested in, longitude and latitude, and much more.
  • GIFTING: Perfect for curious children, for worldwide explorers, for someone who just moved into a new house. This cork globe makes a great desktop display and/or landing units decoration. Suitable for multiple events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas.