Geographers: Eratosthenes

C G26/6/20

When it comes to world globes, at Topglobe we link them to geography as a major discipline for any learners. Today we would like to mention a few geographers and their works that help this discipline to progress.

The first name that comes to our mind is Eratosthenes (276-194 BC), the pioneer of the calculation of the circumference of the Earth.


Born in Cyrene, an ancient Greek city in present Libya in Africa, Eratosthenes worked out with remarkable accuracy the distance from the Earth to the Sun. He is the person who introduced the leap day, meaning every four years would be 366 days instead of 365.
Eratosthenes wrote a three-volume work entitled Geography in which he mapped the world divided into five climate zones.

Eratosthenes who coined the term geography is dubbed of Geography.

Next time, we would present Sikdar, known for the calculation of the height of Mount Everest.

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