Covid-19: Stay Alert From Stay Home

C G12/5/20

In his recent announcement, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, revealed the new response to the coronavirus pandemic consisting in a five-tier alert system.

The virus threat has been categorised on a scale of five levels:

  • Level 1: the disease is no longer present, so it is a return to normalcy
  • Level 2: there is a low transmission and schools and businesses are open with special measures to follow
  • Level 3: the virus is in general circulation, some restrictions apply as the NHS is at extra capacity.
  • Level 4: the transmission of the virus is severe causing the NHS to be stretched and a partial lockdown with a ‘stay at home’ is recommended.
  • Level 5: the disease spreads rapidly, NHS is overwhelmed, and all offices close and a tight lockdown is applied.

As of 12 May 2020, we are at level 4, everyone is given 30 minutes of outdoor exercise. With this 'stay alert' message, we are is still in a ‘stay home’ situation.

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